■Warranty Period

The warranty period for a product that was purchased (hereinafter called "delivered product") is one year from the time of delivery to the location specified by the customer or 18 months from the time of shipment from the Yaskawa factory, whichever is sooner.

■Warranty Scope

Yaskawa shall replace or repair a defective product free of charge if a defect attributable to Yaskawa occurs during the above warranty period. This warranty does not cover defects caused by the delivered product reaching the end of its service life and replacement of parts that require replacement or that have a limited service life.
This warranty does not cover failures that result from any of the following causes.

  • ・Improper handling, abuse, or use in unsuitable conditions or in environments not described in product catalogs or manuals, or in any separately agreed-upon specifications
  • ・Causes not attributable to the delivered product itself
  • ・Modifications or repairs not performed by Yaskawa
  • ・Use of the delivered product in a manner in which it was not originally intended
  • ・Causes that were not foreseeable with the scientific and technological understanding at the time of shipment from Yaskawa
  • ・Events for which Yaskawa is not responsible, such as natural or human-made disasters

Limitations of Liability

  • ・Yaskawa shall in no event be responsible for any damage or loss of opportunity to the customer that arises due to failure of the delivered product.
  • ・The information described in product catalogs or manuals is provided for the purpose of the customer purchasing the appropriate product for the intended application. The use thereof does not guarantee that there are no infringements of intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights of Yaskawa or third parties, nor does it construe a license.
  • ・Yaskawa shall not be responsible for any damage arising from infringements of intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights of third parties as a result of using the information described in catalogs or manuals.

Suitability for Use

  • ・It is the customer's responsibility to confirm conformity with any standards, codes, or regulations that apply if the Yaskawa product is used in combination with any other products.
  • ・The customer must confirm that the Yaskawa product is suitable for the systems, machines, and equipment used by the customer.
  • ・If use in the application is acceptable, use the product with extra allowance in ratings and specifications, and provide safety measures to minimize hazards in the event of failure.
  • ・Contact your Yaskawa distributors or Yaskawa sales representative if you are considering the application of this product for such special purposes as written below. There are some applications that are out of our warranty scope.
  • - Outdoor use, use involving potential chemical contamination or electrical interference, or use in conditions or environments not described in product catalogs or manuals
  • - Machines or systems used for nuclear energy control, electric utilities, incineration, railway and railway vehicles, aerospace, military equipment, passenger cars, medical equipment, amusement machines, and installations which are subject to specific industry or government regulations.
  • - Systems, machines, and equipment that may present a risk to life or property
  • - Systems that require a high degree of reliability, such as systems that supply gas, water, or electricity, or systems that operate continuously 24 hours a day
  • - Other systems that require a similar high degree of safety
  • ・Never use the product for an application involving serious risk to life or property without first ensuring that the system is designed to secure the required level of safety with risk warnings and redundancy, and that the Yaskawa product is properly rated and installed.
  • ・The circuit examples and other application examples described in product catalogs and manuals are for reference. Check the functionality and safety of the actual devices and equipment to be used before using the product.
  • ・Read and understand all use prohibitions and precautions, and operate the Yaskawa product correctly to prevent accidental harm to third parties.

Specifications Change

The names, specifications, appearance, and accessories of products in product catalogs and manuals may be changed at any time based on improvements and other reasons. The next editions of the revised catalogs or manuals will be published with updated code numbers. Consult with your Yaskawa representative to confirm the actual specifications before purchasing a product.